What is a Content Management System?

A content management system (CMS) is software or a program that allows users to manage their web sites without having to contact a webmaster. A content management system allows people without any knowledge of coding or technical languages to update their websites with content.

What Are the Benefits of Using a CMS?

There are two ways in which to manage a web site: contact a web developer to make changes and updates or employ a content management system. Typically, web developers work at an hourly rate, which can range from $50 - $150 per hour. If a web site needs continual updating, this gets to be an expensive proposition. A CMS will allow the user/owner of the site to update the web site on their own and save them money in the long run.

Other benefits of having a content management system include:

Saving Time - with outsourcing content management to a party outside the company, site owners are at the mercy of another person/company's time frame. With a CMS, users can make updates whenever they need to

Update From Anywhere - most content management systems are accessible online and therefore a site can be managed from any location with an internet connection

Non-technical - typically, CMS's aims to be simple so that every day, non-programmers can use them. Of course, the degree of simplicity varies depending on the system

Consistency - since most sites have pre-set "looks" a good CMS will work within that brand to make sure that the pages have a consistent look and feel

Security - content is backed up to a database, users have password protected areas, and all changes to the site are logged within the system

Increase Web Site Visibilty - because the web is dynamic with thousands of new pages being added daily, keeping a site up-to-date with fresh information raises recognition in search engines and attracts new visitors

Do I Need a CMS?

If you need to update your site on a regular basis, you probably need a content management system. If your site will remain fairly static then you may be fine without one. Keep in mind, however, that static sites quickly become obsolete in search engines and rarely attract new or returning visitors. 

Visit here for a few questions to ask yourself before choosing a CMS.

Free vs Paid CMS

The question often comes up, why should I pay for a content management system when there are so many systems out there that are "open source", aka free. Well, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Often users who anticipate being able to have the same functionality with an open source CMS as with a purchased one quickly find themselves mistaken. Many free systems are difficult to use and understand, requiring technical expertise and manuals, while others, lock users into a box with limited capabilities to update sites and stifle creative web site content. 

What if I Need a Feature Not Listed?

If you need a specialized feature for managing your site that you don't see listed on the feature page, we will build it for you!

What's the Difference Between Backstage Basic and Pro?

The differences between Backstage Basic and Backstage Pro has to do with the features available. Download our Backstage Information Sheet for a breakdown of the difference.

What if I Have Questions About Backstage?

Just ask! All Backstage subscriptions come with free support. You can contact us using an e-mail form in Backstage, e-mailing your account representative, following us on Twitter, or by picking up the phone and giving us a call! The team at Backstage is dedicated to answering your questions and providing you with personal, quality customer service.

Where Do I Host My Web Site?

Backstage does offer secure web hosting through its partner, Your Creative People. Hosting through Your Creative People gives you powerful, speedy, and reliable service.

How Do I Install Backstage?

Your unique version of Backstage will be installed by a professional Backstage specialist. This will ensure that you are up-and-running without headaches and you know it will be done correctly.

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