Show Case

The Charleston Renaissance Gallery

The Charleston Renaissance Gallery came to us needing a dynamic, updatable web site that was consistent with their established image of being a provider of traditional American art, while at the same time being cutting edge in marketing their business on the web.

Content Management Made Simple

Your Creative People is a full service ad agency that specializes in web site design and development. While operating in this field, YCP saw a growing need for a CMS solution that allowed web site owners to retain power over their own sites without needing to know any programming language. Backstage was developed to meet that need - and not just for a specialized client base - Backstage is designed to provide easy content management for a wide range of client sites, from local churches and small businesses all the way up to complex international organizations. Using the latest technology, such as AJAX, ASP, CSS, and Flash, Backstage is fully capable to manage your site's unique needs.

This showcase section will show you examples of the different types of sites that use Backstage on a regular basis. These case studies will describe the differing needs of these clients and how Backstage was customized to meet those needs.

The creative and technical team of Backstage knows that every client has unique web site needs. That is why we take the time to make sure Backstage is tailored to fit your site - so you have all the options and all the power you need to take control of your web site.