The Charleston Renaissance Gallery Uses Backstage!

The Charleston Renaissance Gallery needed a dynamic, updatable web site that was consistent with their established image of being a provider of traditional American art, while at the same time being cutting edge in marketing their business on the web. 
The existing database of art pieces used internally needed to be closely linked to the web site so that data can be updated and pieces could easily be marked as sold and automatically taken off the web site. Because the inventory and information on each piece changed frequently, the Charleston Renaissance Gallery team needed needed a way to update their web site quickly and easily.


To keep the web site up-to-date, the Charleston Renaissance Gallery team decided to go with Backstage as their content management system. With Backstage, nearly every area of the site is fully editable. Backstage made it easy for the staff to post new inventory from the internal database. Backstage allows for complete control over content information posted on the site.

“Not only is our public presence elegant and impressive, the behind the scenes management capacity that Backstage provides has streamlined our entire inventory management program and given us the real time editorial capabilities we had previously only dreamt of.”    - Lynne Blackmann