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Frontline Placement Technology

“With user friendly design Backstage has created a way for anyone to manage their entire website.” - Jonathan Pavoni, Frontline Placement Technologies

Frontline Placement Technology

Frontline Placement Technologies, Inc. is a privately-held Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider with over 1,800 clients that represent a wide variety of industries ranging from small and medium-sized private businesses to publicly traded global enterprises. Their integrated solutions for absence reporting and tracking, replacement employee procurement, entitlement balance tracking, staff scheduling, and tracking employment history has caused Frontline’s business to take off and expand internationally to Canada and Australia.

Because of the nature of the site and its purpose, Frontline needed a CMS solution that could keep up with their placement process (they place 1 person every 4 seconds!), empower their team to manage the site’s content, and was customized to match their needs. That is why Frontline chose Backstage. Backstage is customized to work within the way Frontline works, not the other way around, is personally supported by a team of IT and support professionals, and is dedicated to the same mission as Frontline is: creating win-win situations for clients.