“Working with YCP has been a wonderful experience. They took me, a relative computer novice, and helped create a fabulous website that even I could navigate and work with in Backstage. The support staff has helped me every step of the way with any and all questions I needed addressed.”

Jodi Campell, Mauldin Christian Academy

“Too often in today’s world, companies make promises about their products and services that they just can’t keep. That was not the case with Your Creative People. I was blown away at the new design of our web site and Backstage is everything it was advertised to be. The more I learn about backstage, the more excited I get. Thank you YCP for fulfilling your promise and living up to your brand!”

Jody Powell, Marketing Manager, SC Telco

“The design team at Your Creative People exceeded our expectations in creating our new site. Communication was and remains excellent. The team anticipated and addressed every minute detail during the design process. The result is a site that has received rave comments from clients and visitors.”

Greg Flory, Michelle Flory and Company

“Backstage is flexible and easy to navigate, and after a short period of time using the program, I am at ease with how it works”

Holly Watters, The Charleston Renaissance Gallery

“Before switching to Backstage, we were relying heavily on our website developers to continually update content on several areas of our site. Now, our office staff is able to change and update, on their own, all content on the site. Backstage's customer support is available...to answer any questions our staff may have.”

Camperdown Academy

“We are very excited about the prospect of using Backstage to manage our website. For years we have been at the mercy of an offsite, contracted programmer to make changes and additions to our website and therefore we have not fully utilized the power of our site. Backstage is going to change the way we do business.”

Rosylin Weston, Director of Public Relations for GSP International Airport

“I've just been using Backstage and working on the site and wanted to thank you so much for working with me on this!... I really appreciate all that your team has done. It is so easy to upload stuff with Backstage!”

Kathryn Hughes, diSogno Music

“I don’t need a degree [in] website design and HTML to manage my website anymore. Backstage has made it very easy for me to edit: pictures, links, text and flash without contacting a webmaster”

Jonathan Pavoni, Frontline Placement Technologies

“the behind the scenes management capacity that Backstage provides has streamlined our entire inventory management program and given us the real time editorial capabilities we had previously only dreamt of”

Lynne Blackmann, The Charleston Renaissance Gallery

“Backstage is a program that can be used by all. From its simple layout, to its ease of use, Backstage keeps the technical out of internet technology”

Brian Fernett, Calvary Baptist Church

“I have to give you guys kudos. I have seen a lot of CMS’s and they all say they are the easiest to use, but your CMS really does do it better and easier.”

Maura Campbell, Detroit News Bureau

“Our site, along with the Backstage support component, is uniquely and meticulously tailored to the way we do business”

Lynne Blackman, The Charleston Renaissance Gallery

“With user friendly design Backstage has created a way for anyone to manage their entire website”

Jonathan Pavoni, Frontline Placement Technologies

“We’ve just received our first Backstage upgrade where changes have been made to make navigation even easier. Thank you for listening to your clients and growing Backstage to suit the needs of those people using the program daily”

Holly Watters, The Charleston Renaissance Gallery

“The flexibility and friendliness of the Backstage program combined with the prompt and professional service team make editing the site a very efficient process”

Eric True, Grace Bible Church of Menifee

“Backstage is the most user friendly content management system on the market. It puts the management of the website back in the hands of small and medium size business owners”

Jonathan Pavoni, Frontline Placement Technologies

“Customer service has been excellent and the Backstage program has been very easy to use as a layman”

Tim Richmond, Grace Baptist Church

“For us Backstage put us in control of our website's content and eliminated the need to regularly engage internet programmers. Plus it provided us with the facility to easily distribute and manage the success of our online advertising. The ability to make an immediate impact on the quality of our customer outreach via Backstage is worth the investment.”

Adam Hartstein, Vectora Transportation

“We entered into Backstage optimistic that we had found a workable solution to our continually developing website needs, and we have not been disappointed. In fact, we repeatedly find ourselves thankful that we opted for Backstage and the excellent, rapid support of the YCP team. The ease and versatility of Backstage have enabled us to grow and revise website content efficiently and in a timely manner. ”

Pastor Robert Vincent, Mount Calvary Baptist Church

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