Watch a video tutorial on Easy Editing in Backstage

Easy Editing (WYSIWYG)

Backstage gives you the user-friendly simplicity of editing advanced features such as flash galleries, updating content and cropping photos all on your own with no training required. From the first 60-90 seconds you log in, the intuitive interface makes it simple for the first-time, non-code-minded user (such as an office administrative assistant) to update content without IT help.

  • Simple (MS Word-Like) Editing - If you can use a word processor, you can use Backstage.
  • Advanced users can access the code for each page

Recent Edits to Quickly Resume Editing

Are you wondering what pages you edited last? Can't remember what page you were working on before? Conveniently located on the Dashboard beneath your web site's statistics, the Recent Edits Section allows you to see and begin editing the last five pages edited on your web site.

Preview Your Changes Before Going Live

With the preview function, you can see what your changes will look like before you save or publish them. To preview your edits click the Preview button found in the options panel. Your browser will open a new window displaying your site and most recent unsaved edits. To save the changes switch back to the Backstage editing window and click save. Previewed changes are not saved until you click the save button.

Show/hide folders with a click of a button

You can easily hide a folder/category from the front-end users of your site. The eye closed or open shows you which folders are visible or invisible as you scan through your catalogs in Backstage. The folder visibility feature is helpful if you want to create an archive folder for past items that you don't want to show up on the front end of your site, but you do want to keep.