Watch a video tutorial on Search Engine Optimization in Backstage

Search Engine Optimization

In Backstage, using just a couple of clicks, you can initially populate and continually refresh your keywords and site description (some of the means search engines use to rank sites higher in their search results). Pushing new content and adding popular buzz-words to your site are other ways you can increase your search engine ranking using Backstage.

Update Site and Product-Specific Keywords and Meta Data:

Adding key words and a site description (often referred to as meta tags) will help your site's search engine visibility. Key words are words and phrases you think people will enter in search engines to find your site. The description is what shows up next to your web site link when someone sees your listing on a search engine and provides them with a snap shot of your organization. You can add key words and a description by clicking on the Stats tab in Backstage. Updating these items will populate those keywords to every page of your web site upon saving.